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How ESG reporting creates value for companies

Investors are increasingly adopting the practice of integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in their analysis and decision-making process, to reduce risks and improve returns.


As a result, they are seeking consistent, comparable, reliable, timely, and measurable information about ESG issues that are financially material to companies’ operating performance, long-term prospects, and risk profile.

Such information is incorporated into financial forecasts, cost of capital, and valuation multiples.

For companies, providing investors with decision-useful ESG information forms part of a management process (manage-measure-report) that improves their performance, their access to capital, and their market valuation.



An approach based on three pillars


systems and processes

  • Governance

  • Management

  • Reporting


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Marie-Josée Privyk, CFA, RIPC, SASB-FSA Credential holder

ESG Advisor

Marie-Josée is passionate about fulfilling her mission of helping companies improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting to meet investors’ growing information needs and reap the benefits of better performance, better access to capital, and higher valuation. She has built a career in capital markets – from sell-side analyst and head of research to director of investor relations and sustainable development for a publicly listed company, and to ESG integration consultant – which uniquely positions her at the nexus of companies and investors. 

  • B.Comm. in Finance from McGill University

  • Certificate in Applied Communications from Université de Montréal

  • CFA Charter Holder

  • SASB FSA Credential Holder (Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting)

  • RIA RIPC designation (Responsible Investment Professional Certification)

  • PRI Academy Advanced Responsible Investment Analysis

"Money is not an end in itself, but an essential tool for development and a powerful lever. I aspire to contribute to a better world by leveraging that power to direct capital flows towards companies and projects that earn market-rate returns and generate positive environmental and social impacts."



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