Transform your ESG reporting with FinComm.

Gain clarity, meet rising standards, and unlock value. Make reporting an effective part of managing, with information and practical advice tailored to your needs.


Corporate sustainability reporting is rapidly evolving towards regulated, standardized, audited, and digitized disclosures.

Companies of all shapes and sizes must embrace this paradigm shift and produce fit-for-purpose ESG disclosures that meet investors' and other stakeholders' information needs.

Our services

FinComm provides information and advisory services that meet your specific needs and circumstances so that you can take action with clarity and confidence, wherever you happen to be on your ESG and sustainability reporting journey.

Information services

Get up to speed and stay in the know on global corporate sustainability reporting trends; take a deep dive into specific standards, frameworks, or regulations; build a suite of training sessions for your team.

Advisory services

Get a realistic action plan for reaching your short- and medium- term disclosure objectives based on where you are in your sustainability journey and your context-specific needs, resources, and constraints; know what relevant ESG issues and associated information to include in your reporting; obtain a detailed gap assessment to the main reporting standards and benchmark against peer reports.

FinComm licenses the IFRS® Sustainability Disclosure Standards and SASB® Standards and Financial Drivers

SME package

If you’re a small- or medium-sized enterprise, jump start your ESG reporting with this combo of advisory essentials from information sessions and action plan to specific report contents.

Unlock the power of ESG Insights Collective by FinComm

The ESG Insights Collective by FinComm is a subscription service offering exclusive ongoing access to valuable information, insights, and advice on corporate sustainability reporting.

Regular updates

A weekly newsletter and quarterly recaps bring you everything you need to know about the corporate sustainability reporting space

Deep dives

Exclusive self-paced courses, webinars, and publications provide you with an in-depth exploration of specific topics rising in importance for sustainability reporting practitioners

Office hours and one-on-one calls

Both in group and individually, you get time each month to interact with MJ Privyk, to get advice, brainstorm, debate ideas, or all of the above!

A community of peers

A community of corporate sustainability practitioners that offers you a safe space to ask questions, share experiences, and receive or give moral supportInvest in yourself.

About FinComm's founder, Marie-Josée Privyk

An experienced capital markets practitioner, Marie-Josee combines her knowledge of financial analysis, capital markets, business valuation, corporate reporting, and investor relations with a deep subject-matter expertise in corporate sustainability reporting.

"My mission is to help companies improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability reporting to meet investors’ and other stakeholders’ changing information needs and reap the benefits of better performance and higher valuation, while also contributing to the sustainability of the ecosystems on which they depend.

I aspire to contribute to systems-level change towards an economic model that meets the needs of all people within the means of the planet."

-Marie-Josée Privyk, CFA, RIPC, IFRS-FSA Credential

B.Comm. in Finance from McGill University

Certificate in Applied Communications from Université de Montréal

CFA charter holder

CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing

GRI Standards Program

IFRS Foundation’s Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential

(Re)connecting Business Leaders Back to Earth

RIA Responsible Investment Professional Certification

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About ESG

ESG is an acronym best used as an adjective to describe topics, issues, risks, and performance of an environmental (E), social (S), or governance (G) nature.



Energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, dependencies and impacts on natural resources.



Employee health and safety, talent attraction and retention, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), human rights, living wages, dependencies and impacts on local communities.



Climate change, culture and ethics, cybersecurity, political engagement, responsible taxes.

ESG food for thought

Why FinComm?

With rapidly evolving ESG and sustainability practices and mounting stakeholder pressures to act, FinComm’s deep expertise helps companies cut a clear path to decision-useful sustainability reporting as part of an effective management program that creates value for the company and for society.

Get clarity

Understand key drivers of ESG and sustainability reporting. Know what companies will be expected to do in the coming years. Reduce the noise and the stress by taking action from a place of knowledge.

Produce fit-for-purpose reporting

Produce comparable and reliable ESG disclosures that meet investors’ and other stakeholders’ information needs. Reduce your risk of greenwashing and improve your reputation by better aligning your words with your actions.

Unlock value

Only when you tell your stakeholders how you address your material ESG and sustainability-related issues, to better manage risks and seize opportunities that improve your financial performance and minimize your negative impacts, can you reap the full benefits of doing so, and ultimately improve your market value.

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