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General Cookie and Cache Policy

This policy outlines the use of cookies on our website. At FinComm, we're committed to using cookies responsibly to enhance your experience while you navigate through our ESG reporting advisory services platform. This policy provides detailed information about how we use cookies and how they contribute to your tailored experience on our site.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit a website. They help in remembering your preferences, improving site functionality, and providing content tailored to your interests.

Why We Use Cookies

At FinComm, we use cookies to:

  1. Enhance Your Experience: Cookies help us understand how you interact with our content and enable us to improve the usability and performance of our site.
  2. Personalize Content: We use cookies to remember your preferences and present information relevant to your interests.
  3. Improve Our Services: Cookies provide us with insights into the effectiveness of our website and help us identify areas for improvement.
  4. Ensure Website Functionality: Certain cookies are essential for the basic functioning of our website, such as those required for site navigation and access to secure areas.

Your Control Over Cookies

Your privacy is important to us. You have control over the cookies we use. You can manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings, where you can refuse or accept cookies. Please note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our site.

For more detailed information on how to manage your cookie preferences, you can refer to the cookie settings in your specific browser:

How does FinComm use Cookies?

At FinComm, we believe in providing a seamless and efficient online experience for our users. To achieve this, we use cookies in the following ways:

  1. Remembering User Settings: Cookies help us remember your settings and preferences (like login information, language, and region) so you don't have to reset them each time you visit our site.
  2. Improving Site Functionality: We use cookies to understand how you interact with our site. This helps us identify which parts of our website are most useful and which need improvement, ensuring that our platform remains user-friendly and effective.

Analytics and Performance Monitoring

To continuously enhance our ESG reporting advisory service offering and educational content, we employ cookies for:

  1. Analyzing User Behavior: Cookies provide us with valuable insights into how you use our website, allowing us to understand user patterns and optimize our content accordingly.
  2. Performance Metrics: We use cookies to collect data on website performance, such as page load times and error messages. This information is crucial for us to maintain a high-functioning and reliable website.

Personalized Content and Marketing

We strive to make our content as relevant and engaging as possible. For this purpose, cookies are used to:

  1. Tailor Content: Based on your previous interactions with our site, we use cookies to present you with content that is most relevant to your interests in ESG reporting.

Third-Party Cookies

We also use third-party cookies provided by trusted external services. These cookies enhance our site's functionality, such as:

  1. Social Media Integration: Cookies from platforms like LinkedIn allow for smoother integration and sharing options on social media.
  2. Substack Analytics: For our content distributed through Substack, cookies help us understand reader engagement and preferences.

Consent and Preferences

We respect your right to privacy. On your first visit to our website, we'll ask for your consent to use non-essential cookies. You have the option to accept all cookies, reject them, or customize your preferences. Remember, you can change these settings at any time through your browser.

What types of Cookies does FinComm use?

At FinComm, we utilize various types of cookies to ensure our website's optimal performance, enhance your user experience, and provide services tailored to your needs in ESG reporting. Here’s a breakdown of the types of cookies we use:

1. Essential Cookies

  • Purpose: These cookies are crucial for the basic functioning of our website. They enable core functionalities such as security, network management, and accessibility.
  • Examples: Session cookies that keep you logged in as you navigate through our website, and cookies that help ensure the security of your interactions with our site.

2. Performance Cookies

  • Purpose: These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting information about the pages visited and any errors that may occur.
  • Examples: Google Analytics cookies that provide anonymous data on how visitors use our website, helping us improve user experience and service efficiency.

3. Functionality Cookies

  • Purpose: Functionality cookies allow our website to remember choices you make (like your user name, language, or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features.
  • Examples: Cookies that remember your custom settings and preferences, such as language selection or layout choices.

4. Targeting/Advertising Cookies

  • Purpose: These cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
  • Examples: Cookies from our advertising partners that track which pages you’ve visited and what links you’ve followed, allowing us to make our advertising more relevant to your interests.

5. Third-Party Cookies

  • Purpose: Third-party cookies are set by services that appear on our site and can be used to track your browser across other sites to build a profile of your interests. This may impact the content and messages you see on other websites you visit.
  • Examples:
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag for understanding the effectiveness of our advertising and to present relevant content on LinkedIn.
  • Substack Analytics for insights into how our content is being consumed and interacted with by our subscribers.

Your Control Over Cookies

You can manage your cookie preferences through your browser settings at any time. This includes deleting cookies or adjusting settings to block certain types of cookies. Please note that altering the cookie settings may affect the functionality of our website.

Integration with Substack for ESG Newsletter Subscription

Substack Embeds on FinComm

At FinComm, we strive to keep you informed and updated about the latest trends and insights in ESG reporting. To facilitate this, we have integrated Substack embeds on our website, allowing you to easily subscribe to our ESG Insights newsletter.

How Substack Embeds Work

  • Subscription Process: The Substack embed provides a straightforward and convenient way for you to subscribe to our ESG Insights newsletter. By entering your email address in the embed form, you can quickly sign up to receive regular updates and insights directly in your inbox.
  • Cookie Usage: Substack uses cookies as part of this embed feature. These cookies help in remembering your subscription preferences and ensuring the smooth functioning of the subscription process.

Purpose of Substack Cookies

  • Subscriber Recognition: Cookies help in recognizing you as a subscriber, preventing the need for repeated sign-ups and ensuring a seamless reading experience.
  • Analytics and Performance: Substack may use cookies to gather analytics data, helping us understand how our audience engages with our newsletter content. This information is crucial for us to tailor our content to better suit your interests and needs in ESG reporting.

Managing Your Preferences

  • Consent: When you subscribe to our newsletter via the Substack embed, you may be asked to consent to the use of cookies by Substack. This consent is separate from the cookies used by FinComm’s website.
  • Control: You have control over the cookies set by Substack. If you wish to manage these settings, you can do so through your browser’s cookie management features.

Privacy and Data Usage

  • Data Handling: The information collected through Substack embeds is subject to Substack’s privacy policies. We encourage you to read Substack's Privacy Policy for detailed information on their data handling practices.
  • FinComm’s Commitment: Your privacy is important to us. We only use your subscription data for the purpose of delivering the ESG Insights newsletter and keeping you informed about our services and developments in ESG reporting.